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These will note some of the latest additions to our inventory along with the date they were added. Hopefully it will allow you to quickly check whether a new category or a particularly interesting piece has been added since you last viewed the site.


15 May 2019 Our Retail Shop Has Closed! After 43 years we have closed the retail shop; both
    anticipated retirement and the loss of shop sales
    have led to this. We will attempt to keep the website
    updated and continue selling online with a more
    limited stock so please check us out occasionally!
22 Nov 2017 Serving Spoons Page updated with dozens of newly acquired spoons
    with higher resolution photos
11 Nov 2017 Flatware Services 2 Services French Flatware 1819-1838
Stieff 'Chrysanthemum' (c.1910) & 'Smithsonian' (1978)
Kirk 'Repousse' c.1960
George III 'Fiddle Thread' Eley, Fearn & Chawner
25 Sept 2016 Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts Updated with newly listed pieces and prices!!
13 May 2016 Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Updated with 9 newly listed pieces (mostly waiters)!!
15 April 2016 Arts & Crafts Silver Updated with Reduced Sale Prices!!
  Baby & Youth Silver Updated with Reduced Sale Prices!!
21 Feby 2015 Bartlett Travel Prints c.1838-1840 Prints of New York, Maryland, Virginia, D.C. Capitol
14 May 2014 Souvenir Spoons&c New webpage featuring souvenir spoons as well as
other silver souvenirs. No indexing except on page.
Arts & Crafts Silver Old Newbury Crafters 'Fiddlevback' Flatware Set
T.C. Shop Small Waiter
Leinonen Small Bowl
Enrique Avalos Chilean Seven Piece Copper Smoking Set
8 December 2013 Coin Silver Salt Spoons Including pairs by Samuel Leonard, Charles Gennett,
      Bennett & Thomas, and Canfield, Bro. & Co.;
      also five single examples by various makers
7 December 2013 Coin Silver Servers Anthony Rasch Marrow Scoop
Butter Knives incl. Albert Coles & Samuel Kirk
Mustard Spoons incl. L. Mannerback and Brinsmaid & Bros.
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Wm. H. White & Co. 'Engraved Fiddle' c.1835
  Coin Silver Ladles 4 Sauce Ladles incl. Merrioman & Bradley, A. Sanborn, J. Dyer,
        & Howard Bosworth
5 December 2013 Coin Silver Place Flatware Large number of additions including examples from:
Baltimore MD: Samuel Kirk, Canfield & Bro., A.E. Warner;
Mobile AL: Knapp & Leslie, L'Hommedieu Bros.;
Columbus GA: Abram H. Dewitt, Thomas S. Spear;
Philadelphia: Bailey & Co., James Watts, R. & W. Wilson;
New York: Ball, Black & Co., A. Coles, and Wm. Gale & Son.
20 October 2013 Coin Silver Place Flatware Coin Silver Listings have been finally updated
Coin Silver Servers Stolen items have been removed except for some
Coin Silver Ladles pieces archived on the Coin Silver Holloware page.
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Coin Silver Index mostly updated.
13 October 2013 Boxes & Cases Tiffany Toothbrush Box c.1915, Gorham Soap Box c.1925,
unmarked String Holder, Shiebler Thread Box c.1905,
American and German Jewelry Boxes,
Armiger Repoussé Dresser Jar, Stieff 'Rose' Hair Receiver,
Unger 'Art Nouveau' Nude Venus Matchsafe,
"McDonogh School...1934" (Owings Mills MD) Cigarette Case,
William IV 'E/T engraved' Snuffbox by Edward Smith 1830/31,
Vinaigrettes: 4 George III, 1 George IV, 6 Victorian, 1 French
English, Scottish & Irish Silverware Victorian Snake & Leaf Caddy Spoon 1857 (see Norie #57A)
Coin Silver Place Flatware 6 Pelletreau & Upson 'King' Dessert Spoons,
6 William Adans 'King' Dessert Spoons,
12 R. & W. Wilson 'King' Tea Spoons,
12 R. & W. Wilson 'King' Table Forks
2 Oct 2013 Baby & Youth Silver Kirk Repoussé Youth Dish & Bowl 1882,
Barbour Silver Co. Enameled Youth Bowl & Dish c.1925,
Barbour Silver Co. 'Martelé- style Youth Dish 1904,
Kirk Repoussé and Morss "Three Little Kittens" Youth Cups,
American and Mexican Porringers; various flatware
28 Sept 2013 Arts & Crafts Silver Gebelein Punch Ladle, Lebolt & Co. Porringer,
Arthur J. Stone 1914 Trophy Box,
Pr. Merrill Shops Napkin Rings
Desk Accessories Unmarked String Holder c.1900
27 July 2013 Serving Spoons F. Whiting 'Hagie' & Durgin 'Antique Chased' Berry Spoons
Kirk 'Repousse' & Stieff 'Chrysanthemum' & 'Rose' Sugar Spns
Gorham 'Luxembourg' Preserve Spoon
various Kirk 'Repoussé' & Stieff 'Rose' Serving Spoons
Kirk 'Old Maryland Engraved' & 'Repousse' Sugar Spoons
Stieff 'Princess' & 'Rose' Sugar Spoons
Wendt 'Florentine' & Whiting 'Lily' & 'No. 1' Sugar Spoons
Ladles Stieff 'Rose' Punch Ladle
    Gorham 'Buttercup' & 'Fontainebleau' Sauce Ladles
    Gorham  'Luxembourg' Gravy Ladle
    Kirk 'Winslow' Gravy Ladle
    H. Nils Danish Art Moderne Small Saucle Ladle
    Towle 'Craftsman' Sauce Ladle
    Whiting 'Lily' and Louis XV' Sauce Ladles
14 July 2013 Serving Spoons Web Page completely updated with
Kirk 'Repoussé' Large & Small Berry Spoons + 4 others
Gustav E. Andersen arts & crafts Serving Spoon
Victorian 'Shakespeare' Souvenir Bon Bon Spoon + 3 others
7 July 2013 Serving Forks Web Page completely updated with
    4 Asparagus Forks: D&H 'Rococo', Stieff 'Rose',
    Gorham 'Luxembourg', and Whiting 'Twist No.5'
    4 Lettuce Forks: Gorham 'Chantilly', Stieff 'Rose' & etc.
    20 plus other Examples of different types
6 July 2013 Serving Knives Web Page completely updated with:
    Kirk, Jenkins & Stieff Hot Cake Lifters
    Gorham 'Nuremburg' Crumber
    Gorham 'Fontainebleau' Butter Knife & three others
26 June 2013 Base Metalware New webpage includes Candlesticks, Fireplace Accessories,
Scales, Kitchen & Dining Accessories, Sculpture,
and Miscellaneous.
Ceramics New webpage includes American, Chinese, English, French,
German, Japanese, and Portuguese examples.
Includes 6 American Arts & Crafts Plates in different colors
made at Hull-House Kilns in Chicago c.1930.
Prints New webpage includes lithograph & engraved examples of
Portraits, Historical, Birds, Floral & Sporting.
19 May 2013 Coin Silver Holloware John W. Forbes Classical Covered Sugar Bowl c.1820
    Samual Kirk Small Chased Waiter Baltimore Assay 1824-1829
    Samuel Kirk & Sons Small Engraved Bowl 1861-1868
    S. Kirk & Son Chased Repousse Satyr-spout Cream Pot c.1875
  English, Scottish, & Irish Silverware George III Cheese Scoops, Table Spoons
    George IV Grape Scissors, Sugar Spoon & Butter Knife
    George III Irish Table Spoon Michael Keating Dublin 1790
    George V Youth Bowl & Candy Dish
    Elizabeth II Hammered Ingot Paperweight Gerald Benney London 1967
    George III Old Sheffield Plate Oval Service Tray c.1790
    4 Victorian Old Sheffield Plate Salt Cellars Elkington c.1845
  Candlesticks Chambersticks by S. Kirk & Son, Tiffany & Co., and a Munich maker
    American or European Colonial Pair Two Branch Wall Sconces
    Kirk & Stieff Silver-weighted Candlesticks
    George III and Austrian Snuffer Trays; unmarked Candle Snuffers
16 May 2013 English, Scottish, & Irish Silverware 5 Mother-of-pearl Handled Small Serving Pieces c.1900-1915
Arts & Crafts Silver Lester H. Vaughan Handcrafted Silver Candy Dish Boston
  Desk Accessories 3 American & EnglishSilver-mounted Cut Glass Inkwells
    S. Kirk & Son Co. Paper Knife
    Goodnow & Jenks 'Harvard' Cigar Jar
    Tiffany & Studios 'Pine Needle' Desk Box
18 January 2013 Cups, Beakers, Goblets &etc 20+ Antique American, George III, Chinese Export, & Indian Examples
  Most of the individual holloware webpages have been updated but
  the individual indexes have not been updated; I hope to do that soon.
17 March 2012 Open House 10:30am-5pm Featuring our New Second Floor Galleries which will feature antique furniture and other fine and decorative arts; our first floor will continue to stock traditional antique silverware as well as a small amount of modern craft jewelry. Our new shop hours are Wed-Sun 10:30am-5pm.
22 Sept 2011 Shop Burglarized We suffered a massive loss in inventory from a burglary that took place between 5pm Saturday 17 September and  10am Tuesday 20 September. At the present I will try to mark items listed on the website as having been stolen; I am sure that there may be some corrections in the listings in the future. You will notice that we took a terrible hit in our 19th and 20th century flatware inventory; much of which cannot be replaced in the future. If you see an unusual  item that matches a piece listed as stolen we would appreciate your getting in touch with us. Thanks.
1-22 Augt 2011 Shop Closed Re-open 23 Augt prior to Balto. Summer Antiques Fair
30 July 2011 Candlesticks Pair George III Candlesticks- John Cafe 1771/72
Guatemalan Chamberstick c.1750-1800 engr. "Mampo"
Tea Accessories Added 2 Tea Caddies, 5 Tea Caddy Spoons, 
1 Tea Infuser, 2 Tea Balls, and 2 Spout Strainers
26 July 2011 Coin Silver Place Flatware Duhme & Co. Table Forks, Table Spoons & Tea Spoons
Coin Silver Servers Duhme & Co. Butter Knife
Mustard Spoons: Seth E. Brown, Guy Loomis & Co., 
     William Pratt, and Hall, Hewson & Brower
22 July 2011 Coin Silver Place Flatware Asa Blansett / Blanchard Table Spoon c.1800 worn
Joseph Edwards Jr. Dessert Spoon c.1765 worn
Wm. Hollingshead Pair Table Spoon c.1780 worn
R. & W. Wilson 6 'Fiddle Thread' Medium Forks c.1835
20 July 2011 English, Scottish, & Irish Silverware George III Scottish Wine Funnel Stand F. Howden c.1805
George III Pepper Castor T. Wallis 1775/76
George III Ivory-hdl Cheese Scoop C. Hougham 1791/92
George III 'Fiddle' Gravy Spoon Wallis & Hayne 1815/16
George III 'Old English' Mustard Spoon F. Higgins 1819/20
George IV Meat Skewer B. Davis 1828/29
Victorian Asparagus Tongs Chawner & Co. 1871/72
16 July 2011 English, Scottish, & Irish Silverware Crichton Bros. Edward VII Sauceboat 1907/08
Crichton Bros. George V 5 pc. Small Tea Set 1927/28
Crichton Bros. George V Kettle on Stand 1928/29
Crichton Bros. Coffee Pot 1921/22
Crichton Bros. Pr. Muffineers 1922/23 (one New York)
Crichton Bros. Pr. Covered Salt Cellars 1921/22, 1931/32
[CE] George V Chased Muffineer 1928/29
14 July 2011 Arts & Crafts Silver Silverware by James A. Curtis, Colonial Williamsburg
Apprentice (1965-1974), Journeyman (1974-1980), and
Master (1980-2005+)
8 July 2011 Non-Silver Mahogany Classical Lyre Card Table Phila. PA c.1815
Ornaments Hand & Hammer 5 piece Santa Claus & Reindeer set
25 Jan 2011 Coin Silver Servers Updated
Coin Silver Place Flatware Updated
Coin Silver Ladles Updated
Serving Sets Updated
24 Dec 2010 Flatware Services 60 pc William IV 'Scroll Rosette' Flatware Set 1935/36
56 pc Gorham 'Etruscan' Flatware Set
90 pc Towle 'Craftsman' Flatware Set
58 pc Stieff 'Rose' Flatware Set
23 Dec 2010 Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts S. Kirk 'Landscape Repouss�' Tea Pot c.1840
Victorian Scottish Coffee Pot Edinburgh 1841/42
Taylor & Lawrie / Bailey & Kitchen Cream Pot, 
     Covered Sugar Bowl, and Waste Bowl c.1845
German Tea Pot by Gebr. Somm� c.1890
Pr. Howard & Co. Cafe au Lait Pots 1911
American Silver Chocolate Pot c.1925
Pitchers & Decanters Gorham Mfg. Co. Water Pitcher c.1865
German Lage Beer Jug- Heinrich Mau Dresden c.1900
Dominick & Haff 'Pointed Antique' Water Pitcher 1939
Stieff Plain Water Pitcher 1947
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc 4 Howard & Co. Oyster Plates 1886/1901
24 Nov 2010 Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts S. Kirk  & Son Co. Repouss� Tea & Coffee Set 1897
S. Kirk & Son Small Tea Pot c.1880
A. E. Warner Repouss� Tea Pot c.1855
19 March 2010 Coin Silver Servers Updated
Coin Silver Place Flatware Updated
Arts & Crafts Silver Updated
13 Nov 2009 Serving Spoons Victorian 1895 and Kirk Entree Spoons; updated
Serving Forks misc. pieces; updated
Serving Knives Kirk 'Repouss�'  Cake Lifter & Fish Slice; updated
Ladles M. Keating Irish Gravy Ladle c.1785; updated
Miscellaneous Tableware Stieff 'Repouss�' Pairs  Medium & Small Castors
Pair 'Mayflower' Castors by unknown "RB"
Stieff 'Rose' and Unger 'Floral Engr.' Small Napkin Rings
Samuel Kirk & Son 'Repouss�' Vase c.1860
Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts Stieff After Dinner Coffee Set #28� 1952; updated
1 August 2009 Place Flatware 12 'Aesthetic' Five O'clock Tea Spoons c.1885
Coin Silver Place Flatware Nathaniel Coleman 'Antique' Tea Spoon c.1790
Coin Silver Serving Pieces S. Kirk & Son Mayflower' Large Serving Spoon c.1855
Coin Silver Ladles S. Kirk & Son 'Mayflower' Soup Ladle c.1875
Serving Knives Kirk 'Mayflower' Tomato Server c.1955
Wine & Bar Accessories Kirk 'Mayflower' Ice Tongs c.1955
23 July 2009 Wine & Bar Accessories Cartier Ice Bucket c.1925-1960
Pitchers & Decanters Martin, Hall & Co. s/p Water Pitcher c.1855
Tea Accessories Austrian Tea Strainer Vienna 1850
Dresser Accessories Stieff 'Rose' Picture Frame and Comb
Serving Sets Pair Schofield 'Old English' Salad Servers
12 June 2009 Reference Books New webpage includes reference books examining 
  American and/or Foreign Silverware; also some 
  references on base metal ware, clocks, and etc.
English, Scottish, & Irish Silverware New webpage listing pieces chronologically
Desk Accessories addition of 9 Paper Knives (Letter Openers)
  includes 7 Baltimore examples by various manufacturers
  Jacobi & Jenkins Repouss� Match Box & Holder
Wine & Bar Accessories George III Wine Coaster 1798/99 (poor condition)
  Victoria Copper & Brass Tequila Shooter Set c.1960
Serving Knives Kirk 'Repouss�' Fish Slice c.1890
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Late Victorian Scottish Serving Tray Edinburgh 1898/99
Miscellaneous Tableware Pair Rare Gorham Silver-rimmed Cut Glass Salt Cellars
Cups, Beakers, Goblets &etc  French Silver Small Shot Cup Paris 1809-1819
25 April 2009 Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Mexican Figural Duck Covered Dish by Tane
George II Irish Bowl- Dublin 1730/31
James Robinson Oval Waiter- London 1971
Coin Silver Holloware Charters & Dunn / Hayden & Whilden Pedestal Bowl 
Samuel Kirk & Son Oval Repouss� Waiter c.1860
Coin Silver Servers Pair Samuel Kirk 'King' Large Serving Spoons assay
Miscellaneous Tableware Meriden Britannia Co. Silver-lidded Glass Cracker Jar
23 April 2009 Flatware Services new sets added Gorham 'Newcastle' and Buttercup'
and new photos of old sets Stieff 'Chrysanthemum', 'Forget-me-not', 'Rose',
and 'Williamsburg Queen Anne'
French and German Sets
Steuben Glass-handled Silverplated Spoons & Forks
Reed & Barton 'Francis I'
28 Mar 2009 Coin Silver Holloware Gold Spectacles by Demelman (Maryland optician)
Wine & Bar Accessories modern Christofle Wine Taster;
George III "HOLLANDS" Bottle Ticket 1806/07
Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts Georgian style Reproduction Coffee Pot & Cream Pot
Miscellaneous Tableware George III Silver-mounted Wood Cruet with 5 Cut Glass
Bottles- Dorrell & May London c.1766-1771
Serving Spoons additions: Bon Bon, Olive, and Sugar Spoons
Serving Forks additions: Beef, Cold Meat, Olive and Pickle Forks
Miscellaneous Servers additions: Sugar Tongs
14 Mar 2009 Coin Silver Holloware R. & W. Wilson Chased Cup c.1855
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs A. E. Warner and J. B. Jones & Co. examples
Coin Silver Servers A. E. Warner, D. Low and J. B. Luscombe Mustard Spns
Farrington & Hunnewell and A. E. Warner Salt Spoons
Hebbard / Canfield Bro. & Co. 'Louis XIV' Sugar Spoon
Coin Silver Ladles Ebenezer D. Tisdale 'Wavy Fiddle' Sauce Ladle
Coin Silver Place Flatware T. & A. E. Warner Dessert and Tea Spoons
George Aiken and William Ball Dessert Spoons
Samuel Kirk 'Fiddle Thread' Table and Dessert Forks
11 Feb 2009 New Shop Days & Hours Tuesday-Saturday 10:30am-5:00pm
Monday by chance or appointment
August by appointment only
Ladles Antique Scottish and Austrian Soup Ladles
Miscellaneous Servers 2 George III Marrow Scoops 1799/1800
Gorham 'Regent' Cheese Scoop
Serving Spoons George III Gravy Spoon- P. & A. Bateman 1799/1800
Wallace 'Violet' & Schofield 'Josephine' Berry Spoons
Durgin 'Original Bead' Large Serving Spoon
Place Flatware Alexander II Partial Flatware Set (Kiev 1880) includes:
5 Table Knives, 6 Table Spoons, 4 Tea Spoons, 
2 Table Forks
6 Feb 2009 Coin Silver Servers C. Bard & Sons Ivory-hdl Fish Slice "dolphin" decoration
Coin Silver Ladles Clark & Biddle 'Antique' Oyster Ladle 1868,
Knowles & Ladd 'Union' Fancy Dessert Ladle, 
Meadows & Co. 'Antique Engraved' Gravy Ladle c.1865
Miscellaneous Tableware Pair Small 'Repouss�' Castors- Ritter & Sullivan c.1910,
Pair Small 'Repouss�' Castors- Stieff 1928/1929
3 Feb 2009 Coin Silver Holloware rare R. & W. Wilson Quaich c.1850
Leonard & Wilson Card Case c.1850 eagle decorated
"Pure Coin" Beaker c.1850 chased grapevine
6 Jan 2009 Condensed Descriptive Article Baltimore City Assay Office and Marks
1 Jan 2009 Entire Website updated with many additions including:
Boxes & Cases A. Sturm (Vienna) Wedgwood-mounted Dresser Box
Place Flatware Set of 12 Shiebler 'Flora' Tea Spoons, and
6 Reed & Barton 'Love Disarmed' Tea Spoons (modern);
Table Forks including 6 Sheibler 'Corinthian',
Gorham 12 'Versailles', 10 'Raphael' & 12 'Luxembourg';
11 Stieff 'Chrysanthemum' Fish Forks;
11 Kirk 'Repouss�' Oyster Forks c.1890;
12 Stieff 'Rose' Ice Cream Forks;
6 Sheibler 'Corinthian' Dessert Spoons.
Serving Spoons Kirk 'King' and 'Wadefield' Large Berry Spoons,
Stieff 'Rose' Large Berry Spoon;
Serving Knives Kirk 'Repouss�' Ice Cream Server with applied edging, 
Dominick & Haff 'No. 10' Dessert Server
Serving Forks Stieff 'Chrysanthemum' Large Cold Meat Fork
5 Dec 2008 Serving Spoons Whiting 'Antique Raspberry' Berry Spoon
Atkin Bros. Victorian s/p Figural Berry Spoon
Serving Forks Reed & Barton 'Love Disarmed' Large Cold Meat Fork
Serving Knives Manchester 'Mary Warren' Cucumber Server
Coin Silver Servers F. A. Bunnell & Co. 'Wolf's Head' Pickle Fork
1 Dec 2008 Miscellaneous Tableware 2 Sauce Dishes, Spoon Tray, 2 Vases
Jenkins & Jenkins Silver-lidded Glass Jam Jar
28 Oct 2008 Miscellaneous Tableware 2 Silver-capped Glass Muffineers,
Pair Gorham 'Japonisme' Small Castors 1882
Kirk 'Repouss�' Lidded Glass Jam Jar & Spoon
W. W. Hayden Toast Rack c.1900
Set 4 Victorian Salt Cellars & Spoons in gift box
Various Salt Cellars & Castors
Durgin Plain Sauceboat c.1910
25 Oct 2008 Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc George IV Cake Basket Benj. Smith II 1829/30
Arthur Stone 'Kantharos-style' Bowl 1908-1937
Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts Schultz 'Repouss�' Coffee Set & Tray
A. E. Warner Cream & Sugar c.1825-1830
Serving Knives Emmy Roth hand-wrought Dessert Server Berlin c.1925
& updates to Dessert Servers, Butter Knives & etc.
Serving Spoons updates to Berry, Bon Bon, and Pea Spoons & etc
Serving Forks updates to Asparagus, Lettuce, and Olive Forks & etc
Serving Sets updates to Fish & Salad Sets
Miscellaneous Servers updates to Butter Picks & Cheese Scoops
20 Sept 2008 Pitchers & Decanters A. E. Warner Small Classical Pitcher 1822
Wallace vase-form Water Pitcher c.1960
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Stieff 'Revere' Punch Bowl 1970
George II Waiter Wm. Peaston London 1752/53
George III Tea Pot Stand Henry Chawner 1791/92
Tiffany 'George II' Waiter c.1950
German Large Oval Waiter Knapp & Schlesinger
Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts S. Kirk & Son Cream Pot & Sugar Bowl c.1885
Edward VII Tea Caddy Chester 1901/02
3 July 2008 Coin Silver Holloware added Albert Coles / Robert Rait Pap Boat c.1860,
Jones, Ball & Co. pair Salt Cellars c.1855,
S. Kirk & Son Small Traveling Chalice & Flagon 1881,
James McAllister Oval Green Lenses Spectacles c.1850,
and Philip B. Sadtler Barrel-form Beaker c.1810.
Coin Silver Servers Mustard Spoons: Kirk, Swan, Mitchell, Willard & Hawley
Salt Spoons: Campbell & Polk, Wm. Cooper, Plummer, 
Kirk, T. J. Brown, F. Marquand, R. L. Hernicourt, etc.
30 May 2008 Serving Spoons Shiebler 'Mainteneon' Berry Spoon
'Japonsime Aesthetic' Olive Spoon c.1880
Salad Servers Jenkins & Jenkins 'Repouss�' Pair Salad Servers
Serving Forks Jenkins & Jenkins 'Repouss�' Asparagus & Cold Meat Fks
29 May 2008 Coin Silver Sugar Tongs George Aiken 'Bright Cut' with acorn grips c.1800
Coin Silver Ladles Littleton Holland 'Antique' Soup Ladle c.1810
Coin Silver Servers S. Janowitz and T. J. Brown Sugar Spoons c.1860
Place Flatware 8 Whiting (Gorham) Salad Forks
4 Beiderhase (Wendt) 'Patent #7377' Ice Cream Spoons
6 Stieff 'Clinton B' and 5 Gorham 'Regent' Berry Forks
Candlesticks Continental Snuffers- c.1830 Berlin?
Dresser Accessories Gorham Silver-appliqu� Easel Picture Frame
Desk Accessories 4 Kirk Repouss� Blotter Corners c.1910
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Pair Kirk Repouss� Compotes c.1935
27 May 2008 Cups, Beakers, Goblets &etc  George III Classical Tankard- John Robins 1798/99
Pitchers & Decanters Victorian Silver-mtd Cut Glass Claret Pitcher 1890/91
24 May 2008 Candlesticks George III "Eccentric" Snuffers- Wilkes Booth 1789/90
George III Snuffer Tray- William Stroud 1792/93
23 May 2008 Boxes & Cases Samuel Kirk Nutmeg Grater Baltimore c.1840
5 George III/IV/William IV Vinaigrettes 1818-1835
German Silver Sugar Box c.1850
German Silver Dresser Box c.1850
20 May 2008 Baby & Youth Silver Wm. J. Kerr & Co. 'Drum & Parade' Bank c.1915
Stieff Repouss� Youth Cup
George III 'Classical' Youth Cup 1806/07
Edward VII Scottish 'Classical' Youth Cup 1907/08
19 May 2008 Coin Silver Place Flatware 6 Ball, Black & Co. Agate-handled Dessert Knives
8 Tifft & Whiting Agate-handled Dessert Knives
6 H. Lewis overstruck by S. Kirk Table Spoons with
foliate scroll bowl back decoration & 1830 assay marks
16 May 2008 Non Silver Objects Baltimore 'Classical' Book Leaf Card Table c.1825
Stieff Large Oak Flatware Chest c.1905-1930
E. E. Codman / Gorham Architectural Bronze Plaque
English Brass Balance on Wood Base London
12 May 2008 Coin Silver 'Aesthetic' Cup 1876 Very nice Youth Cup with applied gilt birds marked by 
Schulz & Fischer of San Francisco CA
28 Feby 2008 Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Christopher Hughes, J. & S. Barkley, Jacob Leonard,
Samuel Leonard, John David Jr., Harvey Lewis,
R. & W. Wilson,  J. W. Gethen / A. Brasier, 
Robert Swan,  J. C. Farr, Lewis & Smith,
and J. & S. Baldwin & Co.
Coin Silver Ladles Henry Harland, Baldwin Gardiner, James H. Warfield,
and R. & W. Wilson
Coin Silver Place Flatware Table Spoons by John Erwin, George W. Riggs,
Greenbury Gaither, Andrew E. Warner,
and P. B. Sadtler & Sons
Dessert Spoons by William Brown
and John F. Plummer
7 Feby 2008 Boxes & Cases Includes Card Cases, Compacts,
Cigarette & Cigar Boxes & Cases,
Dresser Jars, Match Safes, Pill Boxes,
Snuff & Tobacco Boxes, and Vinaigrettes.
Candlesticks Pair Augsburg Candlesticks 1822 by J. R. Haller
Misc. Tableware Tiffany & Co. 'Aesthetic' Pepper Grinder c.1895
16 Jany 2008 Coin Silver Place Flatware Spoons by Elias Davis, William Poole, Samuel Leonard,
William Northey, Philip Syng Jr., Enoch Stanton,
Caleb Beal, Thomas Burger, and Jesse Zane.
5 Thibault 'Sheaf-of-Wheat' Dessert Spoons
Coin Silver Un-attributed Marks Can you help out on identifying these?
26 Oct 2007 Coin Silver Holloware Additions include S. Kirk & Son Sauce Boat and
Covered Butter Dish with Undertray,
Beakers by Thomas Warner and Scovil & Co.,
Ewer by unidentified silversmith c.1860,
3 Card Cases and a Match Safe
19 Oct 2007 Tea Accessories Additions include 4 Tea Strainers, 5 Caddy Spoons, 
10 Mote Spoons, and 1 Spout Strainer
27 Sept 2007 Coin Silver Ladles 4 Soup Ladles including S. Kirk 'Fiddle Thread',
S. Kirk & Sons 'Mayflower', A. E. Warner 'Fiddle', and
R. & W. Wilson 'Fiddle'
14 Sept 2007 7 Antique Sugar Sifters 2 French examples including Nantes c.1770 & Paris c.1875
Gorham 'Grecian' & 'Medallion' examples from 1860s,
Ball, Black & Co. 'Engraved' example c.1865,
2 small George III: 'Old English' and 'Fiddle Thread'
8 Sept 2007 American Pitcher & 6 Tumblers made by Saunders Pitman for James Arnold in 1804
Coin Silver Ladles examples of Gravy & Sauce Ladles by Wm. Ball,
George W. Riggs, Roswell H. Bailey, and others
1-26 August 2007 Shop Closed for Vacation If you see anything you want please e-mail letting us know,
earliest e-mail will take precedence. You can also try to 
reach us at 410-319-8110 for questions or appointments.
1 August 2007 Coin Silver Place Flatware Spoons by Tunis D. Dubois, Brasher & Alexander,
Silas W. Howell, Samuel Pancoast, T. B. Boullt, 
Freeman Woods, Ball & Heald, C. L. Boehme, and
various Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland silversmiths
Coin Silver Servers E. Jaccard & Co. and Brazilian Fish Slices,
A. H. DeWitt Butter Knife, and G. D. Clark Berry Spoon
25 May 2007 Baby & Youth Silver updated with 3 Porringers, 4 Cups, 3 Food Pushers, & etc
Candlesticks Pr high style George IV Snuffer Trays 1820/21
22 May 2007 Coin Silver Ladles updated with additions of 8 Soup Ladles including:
William & George Richardson (Richmond VA c.1790),
John / Joel Sayre (New York NY c.1800),
Simon Wedge (Baltimore MD 1817/1823),
Coin Silver Servers T. Evans & Co. / Hayden & Whilden pr. Fish Servers
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Wendt 'Medallion' Sugar Tongs
11 May 2007 Miscellaneous Tableware updated with Jacobi & Jenkins Repouss� Cracker Jar,
Ritter & Sullivan Repouss� Sauce Boat on Tray,
Stieff Repouss� Napkin Rings, pairs Repouss� Castors,  
and many other items.
6 April 2007 Dresser Accessories updated with 8 Dresser Boxes including Kirk and Stieff,
2 Hand Mirrors including Mauser 'L'Art Nouveau', 
Hamilton & Diesinger Heart form Dresser Tray
29 March 2007 Arts & Crafts Silver includes Gravy / Sauce Ladles by T. Pond & Randahl Shop;
Pitcher Spoons by Blanchard, Carlson, Stone & Tuttle;
a nice G. C. Erickson pierced handle Jelly Server;
Peter Erickson 'Fiddle' Pickle Fork & Sugar Spoon;
ONC 2 Pitcher Spoons and Cold Meat Fork; and 
a nice Arthur Stone 'Onslow' Bon Bon Spoon.
These pieces may not be listed in the various indexes; 
they are listed alphabetically  on this page and 
should be accessed directly at Arts & Crafts Silver.
Coin Silver Holloware Combination of all the American Silver Holloware of
Civil War and earlier eras from the listings on the separate 
category pages; items on the Coin Silver Holloware page 
will be listed alphabetically by manufacturer / retailer. 
These pieces will continue to be listed on the category
pages which may be bypassed if interested only in 
Coin Silver Holloware. To find if we have anything by a 
particular maker please use the Coin Silver Index.
28 Feb 2007 Coin Silver Servers A. E. Warner 'Mayflower' Fish Slice w/  pictorial blade,
Samuel Kirk & Sons 'Mayflower' Hot Cake Lifter,
S. Kirk & Son 'Mayflower' Pickle and Relish Forks
Coin Silver Ladles 2 A. E. Warner 'Mayflower' Gravy Ladles
24 Feb 2007 Pitchers & Decanters updated with addition of Kirk Plain Cocktail Shaker,
Pair German Claret Pitchers by Heinrich Mau
16 Feb 2007 Cups, Beakers, Goblets &etc  additions include Fletcher & Bennett of Louisville KY,
F. Masi & Co. of DC, Baldwin & Co. of Newark NJ,
various wine cups, beakers, youth & baby cups, and
a Blackinton Wedding Cup of Wager Cup style
12 Feb 2007 Candlesticks additions include pair Stieff weighted Candlesticks,
pair Kirk low 3 light weighted Candelabra,
2 pairs Edward VII weighted Candlesticks,
German art deco 5 light Candelabra,
Danish art deco low Candlestick,
pair American tall Candlesticks.
5 Feb 2007 Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc additions include Polish Large Serving Tray c.1830,
2 Hungarian Silver Waiters c.1910-1925,
3 Baltimore repouss� Oval Platters c.1900-1920,
A. E. Warner repouss� Punch Bowl c.1860
30 Jan 2007 Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts Pot additions include F. Masi & Co. Washington DC  
c.1835, also Russian, English and American examples; 
Cream Pot additions include P. & A. Bateman 1793/94,
Lewis & Smith Philadelphia PA c.1810, and one other
Sugar Bowl additions include A. E. Warner Large Urn
and 2 other examples;
Cream & Sugar Set additions include Schofield,
Jacobi & Jenkins Baltimore repouss� examples, 3 others
also Eoff & Shepherd / Ball, Tompkins & Black Tea Caddy,
and Austrian art nouveau Sugar Box.
16 Jan 2007 Coin Silver Ladles 6 additions include Taylor & Hinsdale 'Sheaf-of-Wheat',
Bailey & Co. double struck 'King' with lobed bowl,
J. T. Young 'Fiddle' (Petersburg VA), and
Campbell, Jackson, and Lynch 'Fiddle' (Baltimore MD)
Coin Silver Servers 3 additions include H. David Fish Servers (New York);
Serving Spoons by S. Kirk and Canfield, Bro. & Co.
10 Jan 2007 Coin Silver Sugar Tongs 16 additions include Aiken, Boehme, Campbell, Clark, 
Dowig, Lynch, and S. Kirk & Son of Baltimore;
Wallace of Pittsburgh; Williams & Victor of Lynchburg;
Gale, Wood & Hughes of New York, and 
Savage of Montreal.
9 Jan 2007 Berry Spoons additions include Large & Small Stieff 'Rose' examples,
Whiting figural rose handle and Alvin 'Raphael' examples,
Currier & Roby 'Onslow' example, and others.
6 Dec 2006 Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Web page updated with additions of large number
of Bowls including a large Punch Bowl, Serving Dishes,
Bread Trays & Waiters including Baltimore examples,
and two Baltimore repouss� Double Vegetable Dishes
20 Oct 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware Additions include:
Bird-Back Spoons by T. Byrnes, J. Dorsey, J. Lownes
Urn-Back Spoon by S. Williamson (worn)
Ice Cream Spoons by Samuel Kirk & Son, Bailey & Co.
Forks by Bailey & Co., Sidney B. Day (Macon GA)
Virginia Spoons by W. & G. Richardson, Caleb Bentley,
     John Adam, T. B. Campbell, Walter Pearce
4 Bailey & Co. 'King' Table Spoons
6 John Brenise Tea Spoons (York PA)
16 Oct 2006 Serving Spoons 5 additions include
     Tiffany 'Custom-engraved Antique' Olive Spoon,
      Blackinton 'Cherry Blossom' Mustard Spoon,
     Whiting 'Alhambra' Berry Spoon, and
     Whiting 'Japanese' Sugar Spoon.
Salad Servers Gorham 'Paris' assembled Pair Salad Servers
14 Oct 2006 Coin Silver Servers 9 Butter Knives includes Wm. Kendrick of Louisville KY,
     Gardiner of St. Louis MO with engine-turned blade,
     and Taylor & Lawrie MOP Carved handle;
J. E. Caldwell & Son Berry Spoon, Fish Slice, and
     Buckwheat Cake Server with engine-turned decoration;
     Cake Knife, Sugar Sifter, Preserve & Sugar Spoons.
Coin Silver Ladles 3 Soup Ladles including Joseph Penfield of Savannah GA;
     Gravy Ladles by Clark, Pelletreau & Upson and
     Peter Mood & Son of Charlestown SC.
Coin Silver Place Flatware Heavy 'King' Table, Dessert & Tea Spoons by
     John W. Forbes and Pelletreau, Bennett & Cook;
Dessert Knives by D. C. Jaccard & Co. and Albert Coles.
20 Sept 2006 Coin Silver Salt Spoons 20 additional Salt Spoons including examples by:
John F. Robinson of Wilmington DE,
George Griffin and William Kendrick of Louisville KY,
Anthony H. Menkens of St. Louis MO,
R. H. L. Villard of Washington DC ,
John Mood of Charleston SC, and
James Ellis of Quebec QU
15 Sept 2006 Coin Silver Ladles 4 additional Soup Ladles including one by A. Truslow of 
Lynchburg VA; and 7 Gravy / Sauce Ladles including 
J. Curtis of Memphis TN, F. J. Posey of Hagerstown MD, 
and George C. Johnston of Frederick MD
6 Sept 2006 Coin Silver Servers additions include 5 Berry Spoons, 1 Dessert Server,
1 Cake Knife, 1 Fish Slice, and 6 Sugar Spoons;
5 Mustard Spoons including A. L. Coan of Mobile AL, and
3 Sugar Sifters incl. Horton & Rickman of  Savannah GA
1 - 28 Augt 2006 Shop Closed for Vacation Will return end of month & add newly acquired material.
30 June 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware additions include Baltimore assay spoons marked by
DeYoung, Holland, Monteith, Webb, and Wedge;
a pair Boston Colonial Dessert Spoons by Andrew Oliver;
Western Maryland spoons marked by T.A. Boullt,
A. Johnston, G. C. Johnston, and F. J. Posey
29 June 2006 Coin Silver Servers additions include 'Prince Albert' Sugar Sifter,
S. Kirk & Son 'Mayflower' Crumber & Sugar Spoon,
Samuel Kirk 'King' Butter Knife, etc
Coin Silver Ladles additions include George W. Riggs Soup Ladle,
A. E. Warner Sr. 1819 Small Oyster Ladle
28 June 2006 Serving Forks additions include Durgin 'Heraldic' Cold Meat Fork,
Whiting 'Lily' Small Cold Meat Fork, Gorham Toast Fork,
Unger 'Douvaine' Salad Serving Fork
26 June 2006 Serving Spoons additions include Arthur Stone Pitcher Spoon,
Gorham 'Cambridge' Saratoga Chip Scoop,
Whiting 'Louis XV' Cracker Scoop,
4 Bon Bon Spoons (one enameled), etc
22 June 2006 Place Flatware additions include Adams / Chawner 'Coburg' Table & 
Dessert Knives, Wendt 'Florentine' Dessert Knives,
Erickson Dessert Knives, Carlson Iced Tea Spoons
Flatware Services Adams / Chawner 'King's Husk' 6 each Table Spoons,
Table Forks, and Dessert Forks
7 June 2006 Water Pitchers 2 Kirk examples: 'Mayflower' & segmented baluster 
20 May 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware additional Maryland Spoons including examples by:
G. Jacob, Samuel Kirk, John Lynch, N. Munroe,
J. & R. Monteith, James Ninde, A. Osthoff,
L. J. Poncet, G. W. Riggs, and P. B. Sadtler
19 May 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware additional Maryland Spoons including examples by:
W. Ball, T. J. Brown, R. Campbell, J. Erwin, J. Fite,
G. Franciscus Jr., L. Holland, and E. Holsey
15 May 2006 Candy Dishes Large Number of Different Examples including set of 
6 Reed & Barton 'Les Six Fleurs' Small Nut Dishes
18 April 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware Lot of 'Fiddle Thread' Flatware including groups of
Forks and Spoons by Warner and Kirk; also a very nice 
Fletcher & Gardner Table Spoon
14 April 2006 Coin Silver Sugar Tongs 10 examples by A. E. Warner (4), Littleton Holland (2),
John Houlton, Richard Rutter, etc.
31 March 2006 Miscellaneous Tableware updated with many Napkin Rings (one R. & W. Wilson!),
many Castors and Salt Cellars (pr. A. E. Warner),
3 Sauce Boats, and 1 Muffineer
18 March 2006 Coin Silver Place Flatware updated with George Aiken 'Bright Cut' Spoons,
Thomas Warner Tea Spoons,
Thomas & Andrew E. Warner Table & Dessert Spoons, 
and Andrew E. Warner Assay and later Spoons
12 March 2006 Non Silver Objects 2 Pairs Brass Andirons (one Hunneman Boston),
Nathaniel Austin (Charlestown MA) Pewter Plate,
W. & T. Avery (London) Pharmaceutical Balance, etc
13 Feby 2006 Baby & Youth Silver updated with additions of flatware and holloware
23 Jany 2006 Coins Silver Place Flatware 6 T. Warner 'Antique Thread' Dessert Knives c.1810
2 Johnson & Reat 'Antique' Table Spoons
19 Jany 2006 Coin Silver Servers 2 Dessert Servers and 2 Butter Knives
3 Jany 2005 Coin Silver Servers 6 Kirk & Warner Serving Spoons, some assay
Coin Silver Ladles Warner Soup Ladle, 3 Warner and Kirk Gravy Ladles
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs 3 examples including Thomas Bruff and A. E. Warner
4 Dec 2005 Coin Silver Ladles 13 Soup Ladles by George Aiken, Charles L. Boehme (2),
 John W. Gethen, Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson, 
Andrew E. Warner (7), and Thomas Warner.
2 Gravy Ladles by C. L. Boehme and A. E. Warner Sr.
2 Dec 2005 Serving Spoons George I Basting Spoon; Jacobi & Jenkins Berry Spoon
Serving Sets Pr. Kirk Wood-handled Chased Salad Servers
Serving Knives Stieff 'Princess' Small Tomato Server
Ladles Gorham 'Meadow' Soup Ladle
29 Nov 2005 Coin Silver Servers A. E. Warner 'Fiddle Shell' & 'Onslow' Salt Spoons
A. E. Warner 'Fiddle Shell' & 'Onslow' Mustard Spoons
A. E. Warner & Khecheong Fish Slices (Both Very Nice!)
Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Wm. Hollingshead 'Cast Arm' Sugar Tongs (Nice)
Coin Silver Place Flatware T. Warner, T. & A. E. Warner, and A. E. Warner Spoons
Other Baltimore Flatware including Assay Period
Ornaments Gorham 1970 and MMA 1971 XMas Ornaments
Salad Servers Pairs Gorham 'Aesthetic' (with ivory) and 'Versailles'
Pair T. C. Shop Chicago Arts & Crafts
12 Nov 2005 Tea & Coffee Sets & etc updated with 4 new sets, Kirk, Brasier & 3 other pots,
W. Mitchell Jr. Cream Pot, and
9 sets Cream Pots & Sugar Bowls
10 Nov 2005 Pitchers & Decanters updated with 6 new examples of Pitchers
10 Oct 2005 American Coin Silver Place Flatware updated with sets of Place Knives, Forks & Spoons
American Coin Silver Servers updated with 2 Philadelphia Sugar Sifters & Berry Spoon
1-28 Augt 2005 Shop Closed; Re-open 29 August Open by Appointment only.
1 Augt 2005 Candlesticks Set of 4 Gorham; also Baltimore & German pairs
Flatware Services Gorham 'King George' & 'Versailles'; also Whiting
16 July 2005 Ladles updated with addition of 40 smaller ladles
American Coin Silver Ladles updated with new photos and some additions
9 July 2005 Serving Spoons updated with lots of new servers
1 July 2005 Serving Knives updated with 4 Tomato Servers added
29 June 2005 Miscellaneous Servers revamped with 6 new Butter Picks
25 May 2005 Serving Sets revamped with addition of carving sets
14 May 2005 Serving Forks revamped with new photos and examples
2 May 2005 new Non Silver Objects Page Includes several antique American Pewter Plates,
     replaces Base Metal page Edward VII Hunting Prints, etc
27 April 2005 Tea Accessories revamped; Chinese Export Caddy Spoon added
Wine & Bar Accessories revamped; 2 French Wine Tasters added
26 April 2005 Candlesticks & Candelabra Pair Portuguese Candlesticks Oporto 1810-1819
Pair Japanese Adjustable Height Candelabra
23 April 2005 Place Flatware New page with ice dream forks, place knives, &etc
Pitchers Ball, Black & Co. and Rockwell Silver Co. examples
Cups, Beakers, Goblets &etc  George IV Pint Mug, Kentucky Julep Beaker, etc added
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Presentation bowl, German aesthetic basket, etc added
14 March 2005 Serving Knives revamped with new photos and additions including:
7 Butter Knives, 7 Cake/Pie Knives, 5 Cheese Knives,
2 Dessert Servers, and 6 Jelly Servers
1 March 2005 Miscellaneous Tableware revamped with new photos and additions including:
Kirk Cracker Jar, many Castors, and many Napkin Rings
24 Feby 2005 Coin Silver Servers revamped with new photos and additions including:
7 Butter Knives, 2 Fish / Dessert Servers,
6 Mustard Spoons, 3 Olive Spoons, 4 Sugar Spoons, 
1 Sugar Sifter, 1 Berry Spoon, and 7 Salt Spoons
18 Feby 2005 Serving Spoons revamped with many additions and more detailed pictures
22 Jany 2005 Dresser Accessories Revamped with many additions
18 Jany 2005 Flatware Services Revamped with 6 additions
7 Jany 2005 Repouss� only webpages converted to archival only; for current offerings use the 
Visual Index for general categories, for holloware the 
Manufacturer Index  or the Flatware Index
6 Jany 2005 Pitchers & Decanters Revamped with 2 additions (one Khlebnikov example)
5 Jany 2005 Chinese Export Silver examples 1873 Tea Set, Tea Pot, Cream Pot, etc.
Cups, Beakers, Goblets & etc. Revamped with 5 additions
Bowls, Dishes, Trays & etc Revamped with 7 additions
4 Jany 2005 Tea & Coffee Sets & Parts New Year's Resolution will be to do a better job keeping
Candlesticks up with sales and additions. Check these revamped pages.

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