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Servers will be broken down into six sections: Serving Spoons (those with a bowl), Serving Forks (those with tines), Serving Knives (those with blades), Serving Sets (combinations of servers or serving and place pieces), Ladles (bowls again!), and Miscellaneous Servers (everything else!). Identifying the original use of a server can sometimes be difficult, especially if one does not have the manufacturer's catalog. As a consequence we may have just what you need listed under a completely different category than what you might expect. Thus it is hoped that having a separate page for these six broad groupings of servers will enable you to search through somewhat similar categories that may more quickly yield what you are looking for. These sections will include post-Civil War American Servers and foreign examples of any age.  There is a separate page devoted to Baltimore Repoussé Servers if that is your only interest. For Civil War and earlier American examples please check out Coin Silver Servers, Coin Silver Ladles, and Coin Silver Sugar Tongs. For all of our stock of 20th century handcrafted silverware please check out Arts & Crafts Silverware. Also please check out our Place Flatware page.

Ladles can often be difficult to categorize and as a result are being split into two groupings for this page. The large ladles will be placed together as Soup, Oyster & Punch Ladles with the smaller ones as Gravy & Sauce Ladles; within each category the listings will be alphabetical by maker/retailer. The soup ladles are the largest, the oyster ladles are somewhat smaller and indeed might actually have been made as small soup ladles in some cases, and the punch ladles are described as such due to either handle or bowl decoration. The gravy and sauce ladles are arbitrarily differentiated  by size (gravy presumably larger); if we know that the manufacturer designated the particular ladle as a mayonnaise, cream, horseradish or something else we will list it that way. A fancy bowl might be found on any of these ladles; also note that a small oyster ladle can be very close in size to a large gravy ladle. We view many of these descriptions as subjective since in most instances we cannot know the original use intended by the maker and customer.

A piece may be marked HOLD, LAYAWAY or SOLD to indicate the piece is no longer available. To examine our latest additions please check out our New Listings. Please use the inventory number during correspondence to help us identify a particular item.


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Soup, Oyster & Punch Ladles

1561-01. Gorham 'Olive' Soup Ladle (1865) with lobed bowl; struck with coin silver markings used prior to 1868. Old English mono "LM". 11.5" long, 3.4" bowl width, 1.2" bowl depth, 5.1 troy oz. $ 250.
1548-51. Continental Silver Soup Ladle with turned wooden handle ending in a small ivory(?) cap, circular bowl; marked by the unlocated [HACHENBERG] with <13> quality mark, probably German c.1825-1850. Script mono "CEH". 16.5" long, 8.0" wooden handle length, 3.62" bowl diameter, 1.4" bowl depth. $ 150.
1566-62. Stieff 'Rose' Punch Ladle with douple-lipped oval bowl. No mono. 14.5" long, 5.3" bowl width across lips, 2.85" bowl length, 1.05" bowl depth, 10.2 troy oz. $ 700.

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Gravy & Sauce Ladles (including Cream, Horseradish, Mayonnaise & etc.)

1545-41. Gorham 'Buttercup' Sauce Ladle with shaped gilt bowl. No mono. 5.25" long, 1.45" bowl width, 0.45" bowl depth, 0.5 troy oz. $ 30.
1569-11. Gorham 'Fontainebleau' Sauce Ladle (1880) with floral engraved bowl. Old English mono "W". 5.75" long, 1.88" bowl width, 0.5" bowl depth, 1.3 troy oz. $ 68.
1554-43. Gorham 'Luxembourg' Gravy Ladle (1893) with deocorated flanged bowl. Script mono "FJ". 6.88" long, 2.38" bowl width, 0.65" bowl depth, 1.85 troy oz. $ 80.
1559-59. Jenkins & Jenkins 'Repoussé' Sauce Ladle, working 1908-1923. Script mono "EOB". 5.25" long, 1.5" bowl diameter, 0.38" bowl depth, 0.9 troy oz. $ 50.
1547-47. Kirk 'Old Maryland Plain' Sauce Ladle, c.1925-1950. No mono. 5.5" long, 1.5" bowl diameter,0.25" bowl depth, 0.95 troy oz. $ 40.
1406-37. Kirk 'Winslow' Gravy Ladle c.1920. Old English mono "M". 7.90" long, 2.05" bowl diameter, 0.55" bowl depth, 1.8 troy oz. $ 70.
1550-70. J.S. MacDonald Co. 'Channel-back Repoussé' Sauce Ladle with hand-chased detailing; possibly made by Klank / Schofield c.1895-1915. Vertical script mono "MAW". 5.25" long, 1.88" bowl width, 1.5" bowl length, 0.5" bowl depth, 1.0 troy oz. $ 40.
1558-32. Danish Art Modern Sauce Ladle with lipped bowl; marked by H. Nils, c.1920-1970. No mono. 5.38" long, 1.5" bowl width across lips, 0.38" bowl depth, 0.9 troy oz. $ 40.
1551-36. Charles A. Roush 'Antique Engraved' Sauce Ladle, working Baltimore 1883-1891. Script mono "JAL". 5.8" long, 2.05" bowl width, 1.7" bowl length, 0.5" bowl depth, 0.85 troy oz. $ 40.
1547-48. Stieff 'Betsy Patterson Plain' Sauce Ladle (1928). No mono. 5.0" long, 1.55" bowl diameter, 0.25" bowl depth, 1.05 troy oz. $ 42.
1565-29. Stieff 'Rose' Tartar Sauce Ladle with oval bowl, c.1940-1960. No mono. 4.0" long, 1.05" bowl width, 1.2" bowl length, 0.25" bowl depth, 0.55 troy oz. $ 40.
1548-02. Towle 'Craftsman' Sauce Ladle (1932). No mono. 5.5" long, 1.6" bpw; width, 0.55" bowl depth, 1.05 troy oz. $ 40.
1549-22. Towle(?) 'No. 38 Engraved' Sauce Ladle with foliate engraved rectangular gilt bowl; retailed by Bacon Bros. of Lowell MA, c.1885. Old English mono "C". 6.0" long, 1.5" bowl width, 1.88" bowl length, 0.55" bowl depth, 1.0 troy oz. Some wear to bowl gilding, some scufffing around mono. $ 45.
1563-47. Whiting 'Lily' Sauce Ladle (1902) with lobed gilt bowl. Script mono "FPW". 5.9" long, 2.0" bowl width, 0.5" bowl depth, 1.3 troy oz. $ 80.
1565-41. Whiting 'Louis XV' Sauce Ladle (1891) with shaped bowl. No mono. 5.5" long, 2.0" bowl width, 0.55" bowl depth, 0.8 troy oz. $ 36.

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