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Baltimore Repoussé Index (Archive Only)

Repoussé Manufacturer Holloware Flatware Miscellaneous Coin Silver Foreign  

This index is currently linked to the Archive Only webpages for Repoussé Flatware, Repoussé Tableware, and Repoussé Tea Sets & components; currently almost all the items on the three webpages have already sold and are thereby at present serving as archives of pieces we have had in the past. To access currently available material you will need to look in either the Manufacturer Index (for holloware) or the Flatware Index (for flatware) under the name of the manufacturer or use the Visual Index on the home page to look for specific categories of merchandise (which would have all sorts of different decorative treatments rather than specifically repoussé). For our latest additions please check the New Listings. The future of these particular repoussé only webpages is undecided; we may either keep them archival, jettison them entirely, or eventually return them to offering available merchandise.

Examples of archival Baltimore Repoussé may be accessed through the following index.  The flatware will tend to be restricted to services and serving pieces although some unusual place pieces may also be listed; they will all be on a single web page where pieces will be listed by manufacturer / pattern. You may access it through the page or directly through the particular pattern. Holloware will reside on a group of web pages, each of which will contain one or more categories of related objects. Please access through the individual categories; at the moment only those categories with links are available for view but hopefully I will soon be able to add more.  Eventually dresser ware will reside a web page; you will be able access through either the page or the individual categories once I have created the page.


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