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Merchandise Indexes

Repoussé Manufacturer Holloware Flatware Miscellaneous Coin Silver Foreign

The Repoussé Index  will contain Baltimore made holloware and dresserware that is decorated with floral and/or landscape repoussé decoration. Examples of the floral decorated flatware will also be listed in this index but will generally be restricted to services, serving pieces and unusual place pieces. Flatware may be accessed by pattern name; holloware and dresserware are accessible by descriptive category. Please e-mail or call (410) 462-1192 for information on a particular flatware pattern and we can tell you whether we have any pieces available. Although these repoussé examples will be grouped together on their own separate web pages many may be accessed through the relevant manufacturer, holloware, flatware, and/or miscellaneous indexes.

The Manufacturer Index will  list by the name of the marked manufacturer and/or retailer, together with the object and inventory number. Access is through the inventory number.

The Holloware Index will list pieces by descriptive category. Access is through the category description; once within a category the pieces will be alphabetical by manufacturer / retailer.

The Flatware Index will have two separate indexes, the first being the Flatware Serving Piece Index which will use broad descriptions and categories for accessing serving pieces. The Flatware Pattern Index will list pieces alphabetically by manufacturer and then pattern, and will list serving pieces, flatware services and eventually some place pieces. If you are trying to find pieces in a particular pattern please e-mail or call (410) 462-1192 and we can tell you if any are in stock. We do not offer the services of dedicated pattern matchers / searchers.

The Miscellaneous Indexes will have categories such as vertu, dresserware, desk items, and Base Metal Objects that do not easily index under the holloware / flatware scheme. Linkage will be by category.

The Coin Silver Index will list relevant pieces alphabetically by maker and/or retailer, location and date (if known), and inventory number. This will tend to be restricted to pre-1865 American Silverware. The holloware should be accessed through the inventory number and will appear within the previous holloware category groupings. A piece of flatware may be accessed through its inventory number; it may also be accessed through its particular category such as "Table Spoons" or "Sugar Tongs". It will be impossible to put more that a small percentage from our stock in this category on this site. If you are looking for a particular maker please e-mail or call us. Be aware that almost all of our stock in this category is of nineteenth-century manufacture.

The Foreign Index will list pieces by country and may be accessed through the inventory number. These pieces will generally also appear in one or more of the preceding indexes.

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Last Updated 1 June 2003