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Baby & Youth Silver

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Baby & Youth Silverware has been a traditional gift for centuries. Typical pieces would be Baby Flatware which could include spoons, forks,  food pushers, long handled feeding spoons, and napkin clips for the infant; Youth Flatware for the older child which would include knives, forks, and spoons; Baby & Youth Cups of various sizes; and Porringers, Bowls & Dishes; sometimes there will be a combining of several of these categories or addition of other pieces to create a Youth Set. A final category might be Toys which would include early coral and bells teething sticks and their more modern equivalents; unfortunately it is category we have rarely ever had any examples in. Offerings within each category will be alphabetical by manufacturer. Some early youth flatware may be listed on our Coin Silver Place Flatware web page under Youth & Miniature Flatware.

If a piece is marked Hold it has been reserved by a customer,  if it is marked Paid we have received a check, and if it is marked Sold the transaction has been completed. To examine our latest additions please check out our New Listings. Please use the inventory number during correspondence to help us identify a particular item.


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Baby Flatware

  1564-21. Alvin 'Melrose' Food Pusher (1910) of typical form. Script engraved "Jean' on the blade. 4.62" long, 1.5" blade width, 0.68 troy oz. $ 30. 
  1564-18. Kirk 'Repouss้' Food Pusher, c.1900-1915. Script engraved  "Aurine Boyden" on back of handle. 4.25" long, 1.55" blade width, 0.90 troy oz. $ 50. 
1562-01. Robbins Co. 'Yosemite Natl. Park' Souvenir Baby Spoon with the handle depicting a bear, later 20th century. No mono. 4.25" long, 1.18" bowl width, 0.50 troy oz. $ 22.
1560-06. Schofield 'Old English' Infant or Medicine Spoon with bowl turned ninety degrees, c.1900-1930. No mono. 5.25" long, 2.0" blade width, 0.95 troy oz. $ 40.
1564-20. Whiting 'Louis XV' Food Pusher (1891). Vertical script mono "DHB" on handle. 3.62" long, 1.62" blade width, 0.45 troy oz. $ 30.

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Youth Flatware

1555-57. Kirk 'Repouss้ Youth Knife with solid handle and blunt blade, c.1900-1910. Script mono "H.Du.B.K.". 6.5" long, 0.6" blade width, 1.6 troy oz. $ 68.

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Cups (for more see Cups, Beakers, Goblets & etc)

1554-40. Antique American Silver Youth Cup of cylindrical form with short narrow vertical reeding above the tucked-in ring foot, plain hollow c-scroll handle; made by Bigelow, Kennard & Co. of Boston MA. Engraved "FRANCIS MINOT RACKMANN." in shaded Roman small caps on the barrel and "June 4, 1887. From Buckminster and Sarah Alvord Brown" in script on the base. 3.62" high, 3.0" lip diameter, 2.5" foot diamter, 4.38" length across handle, 7.8 troy oz. $ 300.
1552-66. Antique American Silver Small Youth Cup of tapering cylindrical form with applied molded and beaded lip- and foot-rims, the sides chased with floral repousse decoration, hollow s-scroll handle (#1); made by the Gorham Mfg. Co. of Providence RI c.1850-1860. Script engraved "C.R.D. from C.H.R.", presumably from a god-parent. 3.38" high, 2.5" lip diameter, 2.12" foot diameter, 3.75" length across handle, 2.4 troy oz. $ 180.
1553-66. George V Silver Youth Cup in a reproduction of the William III style of tapering cylindrical form with applied foot-, lip, and mid-rib moldings, applied hollow s-scroll handle with beaded rattail decorative motif; struck with the britannia silver standard (.9584) hallmarks and marked by C.S. Harris & Sons Ltd. at London in 1914/15. Script mono "NH". Some dings. 3.75" high, 2.62" lip diameter, 3.12" foot diameter, 4.5" length across handle, 8.1 troy oz. $ 400.
1563-66. Antique American Youth Cup of cylindrical form with moulded lip- and foot-rims, the sides chased allover with floral repouss้ decoration, the cast double-scroll handle chased with foliate decoration (#29); made by the S. Kirk & Son Co. of Baltimore MD, c.1900-1915. No mono. 3.38" high, 4.0" long, 2.6" lip diameter, 5.5 troy oz. Upper handle joint carefully repaired. $ 500.
1553-65. Antique American Silver Youth Cup of cylindrical form with tucked-in base above molded spreading foot, wide applied milled band with parading children decoration on the sides, applied molded lip and cast foliate decorated double scroll hollow handle (#5470); made by the Tiffany & Co. of New York NY. Script engraved "WCA" and "Feb. 9th 1885." 3.44" high, 2.81" liop diameter, 2.5" foot diameter, 4.0" length across handle, 8.75 troy oz. $ 800.
1548-28. Antique American Silver Youth Cup of tapering cylindrical form with hollow angular handle, the body with horizontal banding at base and below lip, gilt interior (#14); marked by W.K. Vanderslice & Co. of San Francisco CA, c.1858-1880. Mono or inscription erased. 3.56" high, 2.5" lip diameter, 2.88" foot diameter, 4.0" length across handle, 5.5 troy oz. $ 400.
1470-42.jpg (37925 bytes) 1470-42. Antique American Silver Youth Cup of cylindrical form, the body chased allover with floral repouss้ decoration, the hollow cast handle chased as vine; marked by Andrew E. Warner of Baltimore MD. Engraved "CEK May 22.1875." 3.62" high, 4.5" long, 3.0" diameter, 6.0 troy oz. The [112] quality mark is the sterling standard. STOLEN!! If seen please contact us.
1551-25. Antique American Silver Youth Cup of barrel form with hoop and acid-etched stave decoration, the d-form bollow handle chased with an aesthetic floral decoration on each side, gilt interior; marked by George W. Webb of Baltimore MD. Engraved on side stave "Alan P. Smith Jr. Nov 16th 1873". 3.88" high, 2.5" lip & foot diameters, 3.25 largest diameter, 4.62" length across handle, 8.3 troy oz. $ 550.

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Porringers, Bowls & Dishes

  1544-24. American Silver Youth Bowl and Dish of plain circular form with inset enameled decoration, the dish featuring the Three Bears and the bowl featuring the Cat Playing the Fiddle and the Cow Jumping over the Moon; made by the Barbour Silver Co. division of the International Silver Co. of Meriden Ct, c.1910-1930. No mono. Dish: 0.5" high, 6.5" diameter; Bowl: 1.8"high, 4.62" lip diameter; 11.25 troy oz. Some enamel loss. $ 460. 
1572-52. Antique American Silver Porringer of colonial revival form with heavy scroll-pierced flat handle (#28); made by Goodnow & Jenks and retailed by Bigelow, Kennard & Co.. both of Boston MA. 1.88" high, 7.3" long, 5.1" lip diameter, 7.0 troy oz. Script engraved "Elizabeth Prescott Bigelow" on the from of the bowl and "1894." on the base. $ 225.
  1536-16. Antique American Silver Youth Bowl & Spoon, the circular dish rim chased  with floral decoration inside an applied foliate chased edge, the spoon handle hand-chased with floral decoration; made by S. Kirk & Son of Baltimore MD. Both pieces engraved with script mono "APJ";  the dish base with additional script presentation "Alan Pennimen Jones from Uncle Alan Sept 1882". Dish: 0.75" high, 7.25" diameter; Spoon: 6.25" long, 1.3" bowl width; 7.8 troy oz. total. Some dings in the dish interior. $ 320. 
1572-54. American Arts & Crafts Porringer and scroll decorated flat handle both with allover hammered finish (#313) marked by Lebolt & Co. of Chicago IL, c.1915-1930.  Engraved upper case block lettering "Anne Clifton Homer" on the handle. 1.8" high, 6.65" long, 4.5" lip diameter, 3.12" foot diameter, 4.75 troy oz. $ 200.
1557-46. George V Silver Youth Bowl in the form of a two handled ecuelle with lobed sides and Tudor Rose decorated interior; marked and retailed by J. Parkes & Co. at London in 1931/32. Engraved script presentation "Martha Hungerford Wheelwright from her Godmother Martha Sewell." 1.55" high, 7.62" long over handles, 4.38" lip diameter, 7.8 troy oz. $ 325.
  1564-52. Mexican Silver Porringer with applied short flat handle , the sides chased with seven different animals including an elephant, a pig, a rabbit, and two birds; marked by Sanborns of Mexico City, c.1930-1980. No mono. 1.44" high, 5.0" long, 4.0" diameter, 3.65 troy oz. $ 150.
1572-53. American Silver Porringer of plain colonial revival form with scroll-pierced handle (#463); made by the Watson Co. of North Attleboro MA. 1.95" high, 6.5"long, 4.75" lip diameter, 4.65 troy oz. Upper case block letter engraved "Elizabeth Prescott Martin" on the front side opposite the handle and script engraved "Frank K. Murphy March 20-1917" on the base. $ 135.

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Youth Sets & Miscellaneous

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