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Arts & Crafts Silverware

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This page will list hand-wrought pieces of both flatware and holloware alphabetically by manufacturer. The revival of old craft techniques in opposition to the increasing mechanization used in the production of the industrial arts was gaining adherents in the late nineteenth century and became increasingly popular with a small segment of the consumers in the twentieth century. In America the primary early centers were Boston MA and Chicago IL although there were certainly practitioners allover as courses were taught at both the high school and collegiate level. The training of silversmiths and jewelers continues to the present and it is still possible to commission designs and work to your specifications and taste.

If a piece is marked Hold or Layaway it has been reserved by a customer and if it is marked Sold the transaction has been completed. To examine our latest additions please check out our New Listings. Please use the inventory number during correspondence to help us identify a particular item.

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Arts & Crafts Silverware (alphabetical by maker)

1343-91. 7 Piece Chilean Copper Smoking Set consisting of a tray with two handles, four ashtrays, a low candlestick, and a cigarette or match holder, all pieces with arts & crafts hammered finish; marked hand made by Enrique Avalos V. Chile, c.1950-1975. Tray: 1.5" high at handle, 9.8" long, 4.35" wide; Ashtrays: 0.25" high, 2.95" square; Candlestick: 2.25" high, 2.25" square base, 1.0" diameter nozzle; Holder: 1.6" high, 1.65" square base. $ 55.
1572-41. American Silver 'Pointed Antique' Punch Ladle with double-lipped oval bowl; marked by George C. Gebelein in Boston MA. Script mono "E.P.B." Gebelein exhibited from 1906 until at least 1927 at the annual exhibitions of The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston; starting in 1906 at the craftsman level, he was upgraded to master in 1908 and in 1919 was given their highest award of bronze medalist. 13.25" long, 4.4" bowl width, 2.6" bowl length, 1.25" bowl depth, 4.7 troy oz. $ 200.
1572-54. American Silver Arts & Crafts Porringer and scroll decorated flat handle both with allover hammered finish (#313); marked by Lebolt & Co. of Chicago IL, c.1915-1930.  Engraved upper case block lettering "Anne Clifton Homer" on the handle. 1.8" high, 6.65" long, 4.5" lip diameter, 3.12" foot diameter, 4.75 troy oz. $ 200.
1567-69. American Silver Small Bowl of shallow circular form with the hammered tapering sides below a curved-in lip; marked by Karl F. Leinonen (& Son) of Boston MA, c.1940-1970. No mono. Polished. 1.75" high, 5.85" lip diameter, 3.1" flat foot diameter, 7.35 troy oz. $ 280.
1528-47. Pair American Copper Arts & Crafts Wall Scones with embossed arrowhead-form backplate, candleholder and wax catcher all with hammered finish; marked by the Roycraft Copper Shop of East Aurora NY, c.1910-1930. No mono. 8.0" high, 3.25" wide, 2.5" deep. $ 300.
1578-28. American Silver Waiter of cinquefoil-shaped circular handwrought form with applied wire edge and hammered surface; marked by the T.C. Shop partnership of Emery W. Todd & Clemencia C. Cosio of Chicago IL, working 1910-1928. Applied pierced circular art deco mono "CGB". 0.5" high, 7.5" diameter, 6.7 troy oz. $ 400.
1261-43. American Silver Candy Dish of shaped hexafoil form on short circular pedestal foot; marked by Lester H. Vaughan of Taunton MA, working 1915-1961. Feathered script mono "L" centered in the bowl. Vaughan joined the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts in 1917 as a craftsman in the metalworker category and was promoted to master level the following year; in 1921 he received their highest award of bronze medalist. He was trained at Reed & Barton before leaving in 1915 to set up on his own; among his best known products were four sets of pewter coffee & tea Services made for the Roosevelt White House in the 1930s. 1.75" high, 5.12" lip diameter, 2.25" foot diameter, 4 troy oz. $ 225.

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Archival Arts & Crafts Silverware (alphabetical by maker)

1568-39. American Silver 'Arts & Crafts' Large Serving Spoon with flanged bowl; marked by Gustav E. Andersen  of Madison WI, working 1940-1962. Andersen was born in Bergen, Norway in 1883 and trained as a silversmith prior to immigrating in 1903. 10.85" long, 2.5" bowl width, 3.65 troy oz. This is similar in outline and may be an example of his 'Ivy' pattern which was sold to Old Newbury Crafters by his widow. SOLD
1515-48.jpg (40748 bytes) 1515-48. American  Silver Entree Spoon in the 'Lotus' pattern (1920) with applied button on the back of the handle to keep handle above dish rim; marked with (B09) trademark used by Porter Blanchard. of Burbank CA.  Vertical script mono "ETG". 11.88" long, 2.12" bowl width, 4.2 troy oz. SOLD
1543-39.jpg (39085 bytes) 1543-39. American Silver Gravy Ladle in the 'Hanovarian' pattern; handwrought by James A. Curtis, who trained and worked at Colonial Williamsburg for over 40 years (Apprentice 1965-1974, Journeyman 1974-1980, Master 1980-2005+). No mono. 7.62" long, 2.38" bowl diameter, 0.88" bowl depth, 2.75 troy oz. STOLEN!! If seen please contact us.
1543-37z.jpg (37944 bytes) 1543-37. American Silver Sauceboat, Stand & Ladle, the colonial reproduction Sauceboat with three cast hoof feet and cast flying double scroll handle, shaped oval Stand, and 'Hanovarian' pattern Gravy Ladle; handwrought by James A. Curtis, who trained and worked at Colonial Williamsburg for over 40 years (Apprentice 1965-1974, Journeyman 1974-1980, Master 1980-2005+). Sauceboat: 4.5" high, 7.62" long, 3.88" wide, 9.8 troy oz.; Stand: 0.75" high, 9.25" wide, 6.62" wide, 9.9 troy oz.; Gravy Ladle: 7.75" long, 2.38" bowl diameter, 0.88" bowl depth, 2.45 troy oz.; troy oz. total weight. Script mono "WMF" for William F. Miller of Winchester VA. SOLD
1518-63.jpg (38860 bytes) 1518-63. American Silver Jelly Server in the 'Antique' pattern pierced and chased with a floral design and ending in a symmetrical flat flat; hand wrought by George C. Erickson of Gardner MA, c.1932-1935. The design is similar to some made in the Arthur Stone shop where Erickson had apprenticed and worked 1915-1932. 6.88" long, 1.38" blade width, 1.1 troy oz. SOLD
0200-49. American Copper-mounted Wood Ink Blotter, the two-part oak rocking body attached to the hammered copper plate via silver tacks and decorated with four arrowheads bound with flat silver wirebands, the screw-in copper handle with similar silver tacking with a silver laced copper cuff holding a (replacement) arrowhead; marked only "COPPER AND SILVER" by Joseph Heinrich of New York NY, c.1895-1925. No mono. 2.3" high, 6.25" long, 3.25" wide. This was once part of a larger desk set, the replacement arrowhead came from another incomplete piece. SOLD
1551-15. 6 American Arts & Crafts Pottery Plates of circular form with each plate's rough surface fired with a different color glaze (cream, green, blue, purple, orange, and red) fully on the front and partially on the back; most marked Hull House Kilns Chicago. Hull House was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr in 1889; the Hull-House Kilns were established by Myrtle Meritt French in 1927 and operated until 1937 with most of the potters being Mexican immigrants living in Chicago neighorhoods. 8.0" diameter. More inforamation about Hull-House Kilns may be found in Pots of Promise: Mexicans and Potter at Hull-House, 1920-1940 edited by Cheryl R. Ganz and Margaret Strobel (Urbana & Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004) inspired by the 2000 exhibition "Pots of Promise: Mexicans, Reformers, and the Hull-House Kilns 1920-1940" at the University fo Illinois-Chicago. SOLD
1297-06.jpg (39198 bytes) 1297-06. American Arts & Crafts Pewter Bar Pitcher, Tray, 6 Tumblers & Jigger of rather simple form; hobby made and marked (J) by Lyman C. Josephs of Bel Air MD in 1960. No mono. Original signed typed presentation note to a Dr. Andrus. Pitcher: 1.88" high, 6.25" long, 2.5 cup capacity; Tumbler: 2.75" high, 3.25" lip diameter, 1 cup capacity; Jigger: 2.38" high, 2.75" long, 2 oz. capacity; Tray: 11.5" long, 7.5" wide.  SOLD
1567-68. American Silver Medium Bowl of shallow circular form with the hammered tapering sides below a curved-in lip; marked by Karl F. Leinonen (& Son) of Boston MA, c.1940-1970. No mono. Polished. 2.5" high, 7.3" lip diameter, 3.9" flat foot diameter, 12.6 troy oz. SOLD
1572-67/68. Pair American Silver Arts & Crafts Napkin Rings of allover hammer finished rectangular form (#160); made by the Merrill Shops of New York NY, c.1920-1940. Applied Roman caps mono's "FMH" and "MCH". 0.5" high, 2.6" long, 0.8" wide, 0.7 troy oz. each. SOLD
1578-66. 71 Pieces American Silver Handwrought Flatware Set consisting of 13 Luncheon Forks, 12 Salad Forks, 12 Cream Soup Spoons, 11 Tea Spoons, and 12 flat Butter Spreaders in the 'Fiddleback' pattern and 11 Luncheon Knives in the 'Windsor' pattern with stainless steel French style blades; made by Old Newbury Crafters of Newburyport MA, c.1920-1965. Together with five later servers including a hollow-handled Pie Knife and pair of hilted Steak Carvers as well as a Cold Meat Fork and a Sauce Ladle all in the 'Old Maryland plain' pattern made by S. Kirk & Son Inc. of Baltimore MD, c.1950-1980. All pieces engraved with colonial revival style Roman mono "G" above "WM". Luncheon Forks: 7.0" long, 0.95" width across tines, Salad Forks: 6.55" long, 1.1" wide across tines; Cream Soup Spoons: 6.35" long, 1.75" bowl width; Tea Spoons: 6.15" long, 1.2" bowl width; Butter Spreaders: 5.65" long; Luncheon Knives: 8.65" long, 0.62" blade width; Pie Knife: 9.75" long, 2.15" blade width; Steak Carvers- Knife 10.3" long, and Fork 8.9" long; Cold Meat Fork 8.35" long, 1.6" width across tines; Sauce Ladle: 5.45" long, 1.5" bowl diameter; approximately 81 troy oz. (hollow-handles @ 0.5 troy oz. each. SOLD
1443-51.jpg (38093 bytes) 1443-51. German Silver Hand-wrought Dessert Server with allover hammered finish, the spreading hollow handle ending in a wide oval boss, slightly curved tapering trapezoidal blade; made by Emmy Roth working in Berlin 1916-1933. No mono. 9.0" long, 2.12" blade width, 3.3 troy oz. gross. SOLD
Roth trained in Dusseldorf and later in workshops in Berlin, Vienna, and Paris before establishing her own workshop in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1916; she had become one of the most celebrated modern German silversmiths before leaving to escape the National Socialists. She emigrated to Palestine from Paris in 1935 and died in 1941. See Modern Art of Metalwork (Brφhan Museum, 2001), pp.288-193, 583.)
1553-61. American Silver Salt Spoon in the 'Fiddle' pattern with shovel bowl; struck with an intertwined vertical [SC] mark presumably for Carl Schon of Baltimore MD, c.1910-1925. No mono. 3.75" long, 0.65" bowl width, 0.3 troy oz. N/A
1518-36.jpg (38610 bytes) 1518-36. 2 American Silver Serving Spoons in an 'Antique Pointed Hammered' pattern with ovoid bowl; marked by Carl Schon of Baltimore MD, c.1900-1930. No mono. Schon is best known for his electroformed "marine life" jewelry; these pieces of flatware are unusual in that the bowl is applied rather than being forged together with the handle from one ingot. 10.75" long, 1.75" bowl width, 2.8 troy oz. each. SOLD
1458-16.jpg (38863 bytes) 1458-16. American Silver Bon Bon Spoon in the 'Onslow' pattern with circular bowl; hand-wrought by craftsman Charles W. Brown working for Arthur J. Stone at Gardner MA 1912-1937. No mono. 4.5" long, 1.88 bowl diameter, 1.0 troy oz. SOLD
1458-17.jpg (40826 bytes) 1458-17. American Silver Pitcher Spoon in the 'Pointed End, Anthemion' pattern with ovoid bowl; hand-wrought by craftsman Charles W. Brown working for Arthur J. Stone at Gardner MA. Engraved "S. H. 1914". 12.0" long, 1.75" bowl width, 2.2 troy oz. STOLEN!! If seen please contact us.
1500-61.jpg (39502 bytes) 1500-61. American Silver Arts & Crafts Bowl in Greek 'Kantharos' style of circular form on pedestal foot with two tapering strap handles; struck with the workman's mark of Herbert A. Taylor for Arthur Stone of Gardner MA 1908-1937. No mono. 4.5" high, 7.25" long, 5.12" wide. 3.12" foot diameter, 19.7 troy oz. SOLD


1573-19. American Silver Arts & Crafts Trophy Box of oval form with a slip-on domed cover and gilt interior; marked by Arthur J. Stone of Gardner MA and struck with the journeyman craftsman's mark of "P" probably for flatware specialist Walter W. Pfeiffer working 1914-1916 (the other possibly is Holloware specialist John H. Petty working 1906-1907). 1.0" high, 3.38" long, 2.38" wide; 2.9 troy oz. The cover engraved presentation in small cap Roman letters "Fitzwilliam Town Fair Sept. 1914 Combination Class Won by Lady Lightfoot" commemorating the New Hamphire horse competition. SOLD but lost by USPS in California! If seen please notify.
1466-07.jpg (37996 bytes) 1466-07. American Silver Arts & Crafts Box of circular reel form, the slightly domed slip-on cover with bolded threaded edge disk form finial; made at the Geddy workshop in Williamsburg VA and marked by Philip Thorp in 1983 in a form supposedly made for the U.S. State Department. 2.25" high, 3.88" cover diameter, 8.1 troy oz. Purchased at the DeWitt Wallace Museum Shop in February 1994. Thorp trained with Bill DeMatteo and succeeded him briefly as Master Silversmith in 1983 before leaving Williamsburg and re-joining him at Hand & Hammer. SOLD

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