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This page will be devoted to sets of flatware. Listed under Flatware Sets will be normal sets of flatware as well as partial sets in a particular pattern consisting of multiple place settings; Specialty Sets will list such items as fish sets, dessert sets, and groups of interesting knives, forks and/or spoons. If you are interested in acquiring individual groups of place knives, forks or spoons to build your collection please visit our Place Flatware page; for various flatware servers check out the following six pages: Serving Spoons (those with a bowl), Serving Forks (those with tines), Serving Knives (those with blades), Serving Sets (combinations of servers or serving and place pieces), Ladles (bowls again!), and Miscellaneous Servers (everything else!). If a piece is marked Hold it has been reserved by a customer,  if it is marked Paid we have received a check, and if it is marked Sold the transaction has been completed. Please use the inventory number for identification of an item. To examine our latest additions please check out our New Listings.

Flatware Sets • Specialty Sets

Flatware Sets

1577-43. 56 Piece George III Assembled Partial Flatware Set in the hand-engraved double-sided 'Fiddle Thread' pattern consisting of 12 Table Spoons (1805/06(2), 1806/07(7), & 1809/10(3)), 12 Table Forks (1806/07(10) & 1811/12(2)), 12 Dessert Spoons (1806/07(9), 1813/14(1) & 1819/20(2)), 11 Dessert Forks (1800/01(2), 1804(2), 1806/07(5), 1840/41 (1) & 1843/44(1)), 8 Tea Spoons (1806/07), and 1 Butter Knife (1809/10); all marked at London either by Eley & Fearn (47 pieces), Eley, Fearn & Chawner (6 pieces), or single examples by Thomas Dicks (1813/14 single-struck, William Eaton (1840/41), or George W. Adams for Chawner & Co. (1843/44). Table Spoons: 8.6" long, 1.8" bowl width; Table Forks: 7.95" long, 1.05" width across tines; Dessert Spoons: 6.85" long, 1.5" bowl width; Dessert Forks: 6.55" long, 0.85" width across tines; Tea Spoons: 5.35" long, 1.07" bowl width, Butter Knife: 7.4" long, 1.0" blade width; total weight approximately 110 troy oz. All pieces (later?) engraved with Old English "B" mono on front of handles with exception of two Victorian examples which have very worn crests. $4,000.
  1604-22. 36 Piece Kirk 'Repousse' Flatware Set consisting of 6 each Luncheon Forks, Luncheon Knives with stainless French blades, Salad Forks, Tea Spoons, Cream Soup Spoons, and Flat Butter Spreaders, c.1950-1980. No mono on plain back sides. Luncheon Knives: 8.9" long; Luncheon Forks: 7.25" long; Salad Forks: 6.25" long; Tea Spoon: 5.9" long; Cream Soup Spoon: 6.05" long; Butter Spreader: 5.25" long; Weighable silver: 32.5 troy oz. $1,100.
  1610-55. 46 Piece Antique French Partial Flatware Service in a double-struck 'Kings' pattern variation consisting of 15 Table Spoons, 15 Table Forks,  and 16 Table Knives with steel blades; the spoons and forks marked by Francois-Dominique Naudin of 21 place Thionville & 6 place Dauphine in Paris 1819-1838 and the knives marked by the unidentified <JB> with carrot(?) device also at Paris 1819-1838 with all in the first standard of .950 silver. Unidentified engraved armorial. Table Spoons: 8.4" long, 1.9" bowl width, 2.5 troy oz. ea.; Table Forks: 8.1" long, 1.05" across tines, 2.6 troy oz. ea.; Table Knives: 9.9" long; Total weighable silver 82 troy oz. 2 spoons & 2 forks have repaired handles, all forks have some knife blade scares on the back of their tines, 3 knife handles have small splits, and 1 each spoon & fork are cast replacements by Sanborns to make 16 settings. $2,600.
1507-69. 24 Piece Stieff 'Chrysanthemum' Small Assembled Flatware Set consisting of 6 Luncheon Forks (mono "B"), 6 Salad Forks (mono "M"), 6 Tea Spoons (script mono "L"), and 6 Luncheon Knives (in 'Rose' pattern) with silverplated steel blunt blades, 1905-1925. Different monograms. Luncheon Knives: 8.9" long; Luncheon Forks: 7.25" long; Salad Forks: 6.25" long; Tea Spoons: 5.9" long; and weighable silver: 24.0 troy oz. You can replace with 'Rose' blunt stainless and 'Chrysanthemum' blunt stainless or silverplate or French stainless blades at a slight premium. $750.
1548-65. 36 Piece Stieff 'Rose' Flatware Set consisting of 6 Luncheon Forks, 6 Salad Forks, 12 Small Tea Spoons, 6 Butter Spreaders, and 6 Luncheon Knives with stainless steel blunt blades, Luncheon Knives: 8.8" long; Luncheon Forks: 6.9" long; Salad Forks: 6.0 long; Small Tea Spoons: 5.55" long, Butter Spreaders: 5.95" long; and weighable silver: 32.0 troy oz. $1,500.
1579-61. 60 Piece Stieff 'Smithsonian' (1977) Flatware Service consisting of 12 Place Knives, 12 Place Forks, 12 Salad Forks, 12 Tea Spoons, 10 Dessert / Oval Soup Spoons, and 2 Fruit Knives with stainless blades (which could be used as Butter Knives); designed by Ronald Hayes Pearson, manufactured by the Stieff Co. and marked and presumably retailed by the Smithsonian Institution. No mono. Although the basic form is derived from the 18th century French 'Fiddle' pattern the designer gave it the look of a modernistic continental silver pattern. Place Knives: 9.2" long; Place Forks: 7.6" long; Salad Forks: 6.65" long; Tea Spoons: 6.15" long; Dessert / Oval Soup Spoons: 7.15" long; Fruit Knives: 6.85" long; and weighable silver: 76.0 troy oz. $2,250.
1610-57. 22 Piece Antique French Partial Silvergilt Dessert Flatware Service in a double-struck 'Kings' pattern variation consisting of 6 Dessert Forks, 5 Dessert Spoons, 5 Tea Spoons, and 6 Dessert Knives with resin-filled silvergilt handles and silvergilt blades; the spoons and forks marked by J. Verier with caduceus device at Paris 1819-1838 and the variant pattern knives marked by Pierre Queille of 70 rue du Foubourg Montmartre also at Paris 1819-1838 with all in the first standard of .950 silver. Dessert Forks: 7.2" long, 0.95" across tines, 2.0 troy oz. ea.; Dessert Spoons: 7.5" long, 1.4" bowl width, 1.9 troy oz. ea.; Tea Spoons: 5.75" long, 1.1" bowl width, 0.8 troy oz. ea.; Dessert Knives: 7.7" long, 1.5 troy oz. gross; Total weight forks & spoons 25.5 troy oz. (34.5 troy oz. gross including knives.) $700.

Flatware Sets • Specialty Sets

Specialty Sets

  1372-56. 34 Piece Victorian Silverplate Dessert Set with 'Pointed Antique' mother-of-pearl handles, the close-plated tines and blades stamped with grapevine decoration; made by Creswick & Co. of Sheffield, c.1850-1875. Consists of 18 knives and 16 forks. No mono. Knives: 8.38" long; Forks: 6.88" long. Some pieces with minor plate loss. Box in poor conditionand missing pieces as well as missing one of the two removable trays. $ 350.
  1337-24. 12 Edward VII Silverplate Fruit Knives with transfer printed porcelain handles and silverplate blunt blades; the blades marked by Harrison Bros. & Howson of Sheffield and contained in original green plush gift box labeled by J. C. Grogan of Pittsburgh PA. No mono. 7.75" long. Three handles with small cracks and another with a wrap-around crack but otherwise no sign of use. These were given as a wedding present to Anna M. Milligan from Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Byers in October 1903. (Note lost.) $ 350.

Flatware Sets • Specialty Sets

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