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If a piece is marked Hold it has been reserved by a customer,  if it is marked Paid we have received a check, and if it is marked Sold the transaction has been completed. To examine our latest additions please check out our New Listings. Please use the inventory number during correspondence to help us identify a particular item.



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Christmas Ornaments

1432-29.jpg (38843 bytes) 1432-29. Gorham 1970 Christmas Ornament. First year in the series. No mono. 3.25" diameter. Small ding. $ 240.
1351-75.jpg (38464 bytes) 1351-75. Gorham 1977 Christmas Ornament. No mono. 3.38" diameter. $ 50.
1351-77.jpg (37816 bytes) 1351-77. Gorham 1985 Christmas Ornament. No mono. 3.25" diameter. $ 90.
1546-42.JPG (37559 bytes) 1546-42. Hand & Hammer 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set depicting Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Vixen, Comet & Cupid, and Donner & Blitzen pulling Santa Claus in his toy-laden sleigh; #1210 (Limited Edition of 10,000?) c.1995. Original packaging includes a large labeled gift box (hinge torn). Each ornament approximately 1.75" long; large gift box, 9.5" wide, 6.5" deep, and 2" high. $ 250.
1432-30.jpg (38470 bytes) 1432-30. Metropolitan Museum of Art 1971 Christmas Ornament designed by Jósef Domján. First year in the series and contained in original gift box. No mono. 3.32" diameter. $ 120.


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