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Questions & Orders

If you have questions about one or more of the examples offered for sale at this site please e-mail or call our shop  Monday thru Saturday 10:30am-5pm (Eastern time) at (410) 462-1192 (open in August by appointment or chance). We can take additional digital photos and e-mail them to you along with any other information that you may need. We guarantee our merchandise to be as represented and you have the right to return it for any reason within 7 days of receipt for a full refund less the original shipping charges but it must be returned in the same condition it was originally sent.

You cannot place an order directly through the web site but will need to e-mail or call us. We often check our e-mail only once or twice a day so in order to be sure that an item is available it would be wise to call us as the first order acknowledged has priority. This means that if someone e-mails us on a Thursday evening with the desire to reserve something and we happen to not check our e-mail until Friday afternoon, they could lose out on that object if someone calls us earlier on that Friday.

We are required to charge Maryland Sales Tax on deliveries within the state. If you use a Maryland Sales Tax Number for items purchased for resale and your order is $200 or more you will be exempt from the sales tax; if your purchase is for less than $200 you will have to pay the tax and apply directly to the state for your refund. For in-store sales we can now accept a photocopy of your non-Maryland state sales tax number or a comparable document such as a trader's license, subject to the same $200 restriction.

At the present time we only ship within the USA. Shipping charges for a very light and inexpensive object could be as little as $5 but higher valuation and extra weight will quickly push the cost up. We use priority mail and prefer to send it registered  for maximum security so your shipping costs on orders of $300-$1000 will tend to run about $15; heavy or bulky items will cost more. If you are outside the United States and are interested in an object you are welcome to contact us and we will make an effort to pinpoint shipping methods and costs but it may not be possible for us to make the shipment.

We accept payment in U.S. dollars only. We do not accept credit or debit cards so a check or money order will have to be mailed. We reserve the right to delay shipment until the funds have cleared.